3DF Zephyr 3.0 goes Open beta!

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betaboxWe’re happy to announce that 3DF Zephyr 3.0 is almost ready to ship! While we iron out the last remaining bugs and finish polishing the newest features, why don’t you help us out testing our latest build ?

Don’t forget to send us bug reports via email or by writing in our forums!

What’s new ?

Zephyr 3.0 features a lot of technology improvements as well as many new features, optimizations and an even better user experience than before! This beta is a special version that sums up all the features available between Lite, Pro and Aerial. We need your help testing these new features:

There are many other new features and improvements, as usual, so don’t forget to send us your feedback for your overall experience too!

How can i enter the beta ?

The besta is now over! Thank you all for testing! You may purchase Zephyr at this url or you may download a demo at this url

What about 3DF Zephyr Lite ?

As usual, all technology improvements are common to all Zephyr’s flavours, and that obviously includes 3DF Zephyr Lite. Enjoy the new faster global structure from motion pipeline, the new Mesh photoconsistent optimization and every other tweak we made under the hood!

A special announcement for our 3DF Zephyr Lite (both standard users and Steam) users :

  • Advanced mode added to Zephyr Lite 3.0

We feel that many Lite users can benefit a lot from our advanced settings (until now available only to Pro and Aerial users), so Lite versions are no longer locked to “preset mode” only. Enjoy more control over your reconstruction process!

  • Free 12 months extension to all 2.x owners

You read that right! We’re extending your free updates for one more year to standard users (Steam users will be upgraded to 3.x automatically). If you paid for a 12 months extensions already, you should have received a gift as we previously mentioned in a private email. If you did not receive said email (or the gift package) please get in touch with our support at support@3dflow.net


Let us know via email at support@3dflow.net or on our forums!