3DF Zephyr 3.1 out now!

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Tons of new features, as well as lots of UI improvements and bugfixes are included in this release. Below, the highlights:

  • New Texturing Algorithm

A lot of effort has been spent into improving our state of the art texturing algorithm: color bleeding is now much rarer and the overall color balancing is much better even in awful conditions. Wrongfully colored patches are now transitioned smoothly and overall, the new textures are much sharper and beautiful than ever.

  • Added raw file processing

File formats such as .NEF, .CR2, .ARW2 and .ORF are now supported.

  • Improved speed and quality of stereo voting phase and photoconsistency mesh optimization

As usual, we pushed a lot into improving not only quality, but speed, in the already existing steps of our pipeline. You’ll notice better speed and quality overall. Please note that we also balanced the existing presets to reflect these changes, so if you are using custom made presets double check your values.

  • Bubble view support / decompose Equirectangular photos

It is now possible to decompose equirectangular photos. This will allow the user to process equirectangular photos like any other camera. This is also our first iteration as bubble view support, meaning that when importing certain filetypes (e.g. e57 multiscan) bubble views will be automatically imported. We will improve this feature to support even more formats in the future. Moreover, the imported unstructured point clouds can be even meshed without the need of being structured.

  • 4K screen support

Finally, 4K screens are now officially supported!

  • The full changelog of Zephyr 3.1 is the following:

-New texturing algorithm for  sharper, cleaner texture and faster generation, alongside a new texture generation dialog.

-Added RAW file processing (.CR2, .NEF, etc) support

-Improved speed and quality of stereo voting phase and photoconsistency mesh optimization

-Added Bubble view import initial support / Decompose equirectangular photos support

-Added Mesh generation for laser scanner clouds withouth the need of photogrammetry data in the workspace

-Added workspace navigator

-Added .RDBX file support (first iteration) plugin

-Added 4k screen resolution native support

-Added orthophoto generation by current view

-Added Point cloud decimation through points distance

-Added custom wtk projcs import

-New 3DF Masquerade 1.400 bundled with Zephyr (exports also towards PNG)

-New online camera database polling method, improved camera database

-Improved autocalibration procedure

-Improved presets

-Improved scripting console (new commands)

-Improved control points selection dialog.

-Streamlined mesh export towards Valve Destination (see tutorial)

-Fixed keypoints animator bug

-Fixed a crash occurring when loading certain multi-scan e57

-Fixed a crash when merging certain older .zep workspaces

-Fixed many other minor bugs

-Many UI fixes and UI improvements