3DF Zephyr 3.300 is out now!

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3DF Zephyr 3.300 is finally ready!As usual, we pushed our state of the art technology to the next level, added new tools and fixed many minor annoying bugs!

What’s new in 3.300?

  • Improved technology

This update allowed us to release many speed optimizations we have been developing for a while: our multiview stereo algorithm is now usually 50% faster compared to v3.201 (especially increasing the number of pictures, as it is optimized for big datasets). Our structure from motion algorithm has also been improved, with a faster (and even more accurate) rematching phase  as well as our photoconsistency based optimization. Did we sacrifice accuracy? Of course we did not! In fact, v.3.300 is also even more accurate than ever before!

  • New tools

We always listen to feedback and we managed to sneak in many new tools that should streamline your workflow even more. You can now for example apply mesh filters on mesh selection (for example, you can optimize the topology of a certain part of a mesh) or customize the default names of your elements (pretty handy when placing control points in Zephyr Pro and Aerial, for example). There was also room for other fixes and improvements, as usual: see the log below for more information!

  • Summer Steam Sale!

Of course 3DF Zephyr is also part of the traditional Steam Summer Sale! You can get 3DF Zephyr Lite (Steam Edition) with a 33% discount! Head over to our Steam Page to purchase it while the offer lasts, and don’t forget to share your reconstruction in the community hub 🙂

Full changelog:

  • Improved bundle adjustment during workspaces merge with control points (Pro/Aerial only)
  • Improved optimize camera parameters and alignment to control points worflows on failure (problematic cameras are now detected and can be removed from the dialog).
  • You can now define the up vector by choosing at least three control points (without know 3D coordinates). (Pro/Aerial only)
  • Rematching can now be cancelled or paused during bundle adjustment and alignment steps.
  • Zephyr can now be deactivated also if you are offline. (Non Steam only)
  • Added hint when adding control points with 3D coordinates but without any 2D coordinates. (Pro/Aerial only)
  • Stereo improvements and preset balancing
  • Photconsistency mesh optimization speed improvements
  • Improved point cloud structuring and mesh computation for laser scan point cloud. (Pro/Aerial only)
  • Selection tools improvements
  • Camera positions can now be added as control points
  • Stereo texture can now been unstructured
  • Added image overlap in the processing report
  • Gizmo can now move entire objects only in rendering
  • Added chinese language support
  • Sparse point cloud generation improvements (rematching accuracy improved)
  • Stereo point cloud generation improvements (speed and accuracy)
  • Fixed a bug during mesh generation (small parts are reconstructed better now)
  • Fixed a bug in stereo point cloud generation
  • Improved sketchfab upload
  • Improved cloud comparison tool (Pro/Aerial only)
  • Log and System info are now available as separate window from the progress bar
  • added mesh filtering on selection (laplacian, bilateral, retopology)
  • added triangle selection filtering by connected components
  • elements name are now customizable (i.e. create a control point with “CP” label rather than “Control Point”)
  • Added virtual line from control point to point (Pro/Aerial only)
  • Added clear cache button and additional memory checks
  • Update Ogre Engine
  • Added option to toggle rendering “fog”
  • Impoved rematching phase
  • miscellaneous bug fixes
3DF Zephyr is as usual available as Free, Lite (standard and Steam editions), Pro and Aerial.
More information are available at http://zephyr.3dflow.net – you can get in touch with us anytime at support@3dflow.net or on our forums!