3DF Zephyr 6.0 is out now!

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Good news, everyone!

3DF Zephyr 6.0 is finally out now!

Check out the new major features and don’t miss out on a time-limited discount for all renewals, just a little further down below!

Time limited renewal discount

From today until July 31st, 2021, 3DF Zephyr will get a significant 300 EUR discount on the renewal of your 3DF Zephyr License – that’s right, even if your license has already expired (or is expiring), for this time-limited offer you will get additional 12 months of updates – simply enter your key in the usual renewal form!

3DF Zephyr Education users can also get additional 12 months of updates at just 249 EUR + VAT, even if their licenses have been long expired.

Full Changelog

+ Photoconsistency improvements (speed and accuracy)
+ MVS Improvements (speed and thin structure recovery)
+ 3DF Scarlet overall speed and algorithms improvements
+ New faster and efficient modular save zep format
+ Added python Console (supersedes Lua)
+ New volume of interest to select the region of interest
+ Revisited control points interface
+ New sphere detection
+ SfM general accuracy improvements
+ SfM speed improvements on large datasets
+ General multithreaded improvements (improved speed)
+ Faster mesh decimation
+ Improved advanced settings interface
+ Improved speed for data loading on project wizard and constraints tables
+ New map widget
+ New hole filling filter with iterative selection
+ New Guided breakline tool
+ Added Planar UV texture reprojection for quickly creating normal/albedo maps on planar surfaces
+ Added surface scan preset (replaces close-range)
+ Improved polyline drawing
+ Can now compute elevation profile from any mesh
+ Added the possibility to load custom skybox
+ Improved marker detection in Scarlet
+ Improved multi-icp in Scarlet
+ Added scan prefiltering in Scarlet
+ New Scarlet gizmo
+ Added Sphere detection in Scarlet
+ Added Metadata.xml georeferencing data importing
+ Improved import reference system dialog
+ Added global ETA to the progress bar
+ Improved ground filter performances and added manual editing
+ Faster PNG saving
+ Improved control points auto-matching
+ Better pure rotation photo handling
+ Can now import constraints from ptgui project
+ Camera rig with shared camera center support
+ Fixed Multiband functions bugs
+ Automatic DJI multispectral data
+ RCP import / export
+ Alembic .abc import and export support
+ Added 3MF export format
+ Added DXF export format
+ Added NCN export format
+ Added DGN export format
+ Added LAZ export format
+ Added AVI export format
+ Added Bubble view import Faro .fls format
+ Fixed GCPs placement over lidar data bug
+ Added drawing elements and orthophotos export to Autocad
+ Added drawing elements merging command
+ Mesh and dense point cloud filters
+ Added Horizontal distance in quick measurements
+ Improved drag and drop
+ GPS coordinates loaded from Exif are now converted automatically to the selected source system
+ Added control point editing window
+ Removed cameras limit of three photos
+ Added tons of unknown and creative bugs. Just kidding 🙂
+ Camera selection is now synchronized on the navigation bar
+ Literally tons of minor fixes

Live streaming on our Discord!

Do you want to see what’s new in 3DF Zephyr 6.0 and talk directly with the 3Dflow team?
That’s great! Save the date because we will live stream to thank you for all the good feedback received so far and show you all the new features of this major release! ❤️

When and where?
Wednesday, June 23, at 4 PM CEST, on our Discord server.

We are waiting for you there!
We are sure this will also be a great way to grow up together as a community!