3DF Zephyr 7.0 is out now!

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Good news, everyone!

3DF Zephyr 7.0 is finally out now!

This massive update comes, among the many changes, with significant improvements in both quality and speed like never before, adds a new floating licensing system and removes the 500 photo limitation from the Lite Edition!

Check out the new major features in the video below or find the full changelog slightly further down!

3DF Zephyr 7.000 changelog

+ New floating licensing system
+ Removed 500 photos limit from 3DF Zephyr Lite
+ New meshing algorithm
+ Reworked orthophoto wizard
+ Improved photoconsistency
+ New automatic register images to scans tool
+ Improved Samantha’s geometric reconstruction
+ New GUI stylesheets and icons
+ Reworked alignment with constraints dialog
+ It is now possible to input different accuracies and coordinate systems for constraints in bundle adjustment
+ It is now possible to use distance constraints on bundle adjustment
+ New constraints error report after alignment with constraints
+ New Control points from images editor on the new project wizard
+ Speed improvements on SfM, MvS, and meshing phases
+ It is now possible to add texture weights during texturing
+ Reworked Gizmo transform tool
+ Reworked rendering space transform tool
+ Advanced import dialog with batch action and custom projected systems conversion
+ Automatically scaled text in Dem Viewer
+ Updated internal libraries for GUI and Rendering engine
+ Improved control points from images dialog
+ Faster control point auto-matching functionality
+ Restyles project wizard for a smoother user interface
+ Reworked camera navigator
+ Improved decimation filter
+ New custom csv import for control points and constraints
+ New minimal overlap Camera selector tool
+ Custom stylesheet definition
+ Faster modular saving
+ Added text drawing elements
+ It is now possible to import custom geoids
+ It is now possible to add comments to workspace objects
+ Tons of minor fixes and QoL improvements