3DF Zephyr Pro v.1030

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3DF Zephyr 1.030, now with multi GPU support!
The new version of 3DF Zephyr Pro, v 1.030 is now available for download.
Among the many improvements, multiple GPUs are now supported. If you have more than one Cuda device (either in SLI configuration or not), they can now be used together by Zephyr.

Changelog v.1.030

+ Multiple GPU support
+ Multiple instances of Zephyr can now be opened at the same time
+ Improved Fast Match algorithm during Structure and Motion phase
+ Improved ANN routines (used in many parts)
+ Improved hole filling during orthophoto generation
+ Fixed a bug that caused the screen go black in rare cases after the reconstruction.
+ Added .3DK importing (3Dflow SDK format)
+ Qt 5 Libraries update
+ Visual studio 2013 compiler update
+ Recent list now contains also recent saved items
+ Many minor gui fixes
+ Fixed a display bug in recent saved items list
+ Fixed a bug during surface generation (minimum vertices generation ignored)
+ Fixed a memory leak during the multiview stereo phase occuring in some rare circumstances
+ Close range presets changed (improved accuracy)
+ Added sharp features preset for Aerial applications

Please keep the feedback coming in! Feel free to contact us by email or on ourforums as much as you need, we really appreciate your help in improving 3DF Zephyr.