3DF Zephyr v1.500 hits the shelves!

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3DF Zephyr Pro newest version, v1.500, is ready for download! This new version features a lot of core improvements as well as functionality features.

We also welcome 3DF Zephyr Lite to the Zephyr family! the perfect solution for artists, freelance and starter users, or, in general, those who just want to get their hands on a textured mesh without touching all the advanced aspects available in 3DF Zephyr Pro. 3DF Zephyr Lite costs only 199$ + vat ! You can see the features comparison between Pro and Lite version by clicking here!


Changelog for v 1.500:

+ Core improvements: both the structure from motion and the multiview stereo phases have been substantially improved for better accuracy and faster computation.
+ added Texture tool: generated textures are now manageable in the workspace
+ added FBX support (Zephyr Pro only)
+ added confidence Tool (Zephyr Pro only)
+ added the “Human Body” preset (suitable for full human body scans as well as closeups)
+ added Upload to YouTube option when recording videos
+ Revamped 3DF Masquerade user interface (v1.100 is now bundled with Zephyr 1.500)
+ Fixed a rare issue when uploading to Sketchfab
+ minor UI improvements and adjustments
+ minor bugfixes
+ minor 3DF Masquerade bugfixes
+ minor IT/EN translation fixes

As usual, a big “thank you” to all our betatesters! Keep the feedback coming in also with the stable release!