3Dflow Competition “MADI Throwback 2024” – Final results

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The 3Dflow Competition “MADI Throwback” together with MADI by IUAV University of Venice, now at its 4th edition, is officially concluded, and we’re so keen to announce the winners!

The contest was addressed to all the MADI students who attended the Photogrammetry and 3D Modeling course with 3D artist and MADI Professor Gabriele Simonetta. This year, we wanted to bring back the theme of the memories, previously used for the 2nd edition of the contest. Due to the success of that edition, we revived the possibility for the students to live again their favourite childhood moments through their CGI images, all while putting into practice the 3D modeling and photogrammetry workflows using 3DF Zephyr!

Now, without further ado, let’s see the winners and their nostalgic vibes ✨ – Final render on the left and clay render on the right!


1st Place: Giulia Vit

With her “Ficudinia”, Giulia manages to capture in a single image, through a very well done composition and a “vintage” lens, the warmth typical of those summer afternoons during her childhood in her homeland, furtherly expressed by the presence of sweet prickly pear and peaches, all scanned with 3DF Zephyr. Giulia gets the 1st place and wins the grand prize of this challenge: 12 months of 3DF Zephyr license! Congratulations!!

2nd Place: João Vitor Rossi Rigon

Through “L’ultima avventura” (tr. “The last adventure”), João Vitor perfectly embodies that melancholy feeling when we play for the last time with our beloved childhood toys without even knowing it as life goes on and we grow up. With a skillful usage of light, composition and a challenging scan of his favourite Spider Man toy, João Vitor gets the 2nd place and wins 6 months of 3DF Zephyr license! Great work!

3rd Place: Sofia Monti

Rovaniemi 2003” retrieves one of Sofia’s core memories of when she was just 4 years old, a warm and almost fairy-tale moment during her Christmas holiday in Rovaniemi, Finland. The detailed 3D scanned Christmas tree puppet was a precious gift from her parents when visiting the Santa Claus village, the most beloved symbol of this incredible experience she successfully recreated with this magical image. Sofia gets 3rd place and wins 3 months of 3DF of Zephyr license! Keep it up!

And, as usual, we’re not done! 3Dflow judgers wanted to award two more participants with two special mentions, given to those that stood out in the 3D scanning process, whether for reconstructing more objects with 3DF Zephyr or being able to skillfully integrate the photogrammetric model into the composition along with other 3D downloaded assets.

Vitor de Souza Cardoso and Daiana Ristanova both deserve this special mention and win 3 months of 3DF of Zephyr license!

Congratulations everyone!!

Vitor de Souza Cardoso – “Mar Sonoro: A Grandfather’s Inheritance

Daiana Ristanova – “Just the two of us