3Dflow World Cup 2018 – Round 1 results

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The 3Dflow World Cup 2018 contest round 1 is over and the judges have reached a verdict!

Before we proceed to announce who advanced to the semifinals, two important announcements:

  • we’d like to thank all of the contestants for their fantastic submissions! The judges really had a hard time picking who would advance and who wouldn’t.
  • contestants who did not advance will be placed in a consolation prize group and can submit models for round 2. So even if you haven’t advanced, you can still win the consolation prize ( A 50$ Amazon Gift Card + 3 months of Zephyr Pro for the consolation prize group winner and 3 months of Zephyr Pro for 2nd an 3rd consolation prize group places) . Moreover – in case some of the semifinalists do not submit their model in the next round, the winners of the consolation group will take their place!.

So, without further ado, let’s see the 8 winners who advanced to the Semifinal stage.

Group A – Round 1 Winners

OlaHaldor – representing Norway

“This might look like a simple model but to me it’s a good example of how photogrammetry can efficiently create ambiance in the digital world in the same way traditional 2D photography can.

It’s a good example of the difference between using a 3D scanner or photos to capture reality — you’re not just capturing the shape of objects but their entire essence. “


Nedo. R – representing Croatia

“Not because of the 3D Flow logo (which is clever though), but actually because it’s a complete scene. If you zoom in a bit, you can look around for a long time and keep discovering new details.

And all details are captured very well, like the green scoop sticking out of the sand that is nicely captured from all sides. I also like that both that the complete outside of the sandbox is also captured.

It’s a ready to be used asset and it really shows how well you can capture a complete object from reality with just 50 photos. It’s also a very nice model to view in AR with the Sketchfab app.”

Group B – Round 1 Winners

Polarathene representing Kazakhstan

“This scan is incredible for only using 50 images, the coverage that you got with the amount of self-occlusion that this object has is impressive”.

C. Faustino – representing Portugal

“The amount of detail in the geometery of this scan is great, the subject is well scanned with fantastic coverage of the entire form. the top area was well captured for the number of images avaliable.”

Group C – Round 1 Winners

meryan00- representing USA

“It’s a sponge, it’s a simple green sponge.

At the same time there is something really interesting in seeing soft and translucent objects captured in this way.

It really displays the structure of these often mundane objects we have around us in a way that’s not apparent to the naked eye.

It’s almost a model without a purpose, as you could probably never remake this into a sponge from the 3D data, in the same way you could remake a statue for instance, but that’s part of what makes it so exciting! It’s more of a technical achievement and an art piece, rolled into one!”

Lux – representing Luxembourg

“While this is an incomplete model it shows a lot of promise.

The mesh is tight, and the textures are spot on. This is not a model that’s carried just by texture, or just by mesh, but by both!

It’s always fun to see models of organic material, and this gnarly tree stump complete with the ground around it is no exception.

With this tree stump squeezed into 50 photos, albeit not fully captured, I would love to see what would come out if more photos were used. It’s different, it’s great quality and it’s just a lovely model all around!”

Group D – Round 1 Winners

Polygonastic – representing Belgium

“Yes I’m a sucker for historical models but I especially like that this is a very complete capture using only 50 images.

Some nice presentation in the Sketchfab viewer too – a little AO, a nice key light – great work :)”


Cameron B. – representing New Zealand

“An almost perfect capture of a tasty meal – shiny ceramics are often tricky to capture but the results here – as well as the food – are great.

Again, good presentation of materials in Sketchfab too – a nice shiny bowl and some depth of field for added atmosphere.

Some tasty 3D!”

The next stage

All contestants will receive soon an email with instructions for the round 2 submissions, whether they have advanced to semifinals or not.