3Dflow World Cup 2018 – Round 2 results

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The 3Dflow World Cup 2018 contest round 2 is over and the judges have reached a verdict!

Group A – Semifinal Winners

C. Faustino- representing Portugal

“This model is beautifully sharp, the details are beautifully preserved.

The texture sharpness is incredible.

There are very few flaws the coverage of the statue.

Its almost entirely intact. Great job.””


Nedo. R – representing Croatia

“This one was hilarious, the model was very well scanned, with the rather tricky feather headress coming through suprisingly well.

What impressed me most about this one is that coverage on this model was 100%.

Nedo went through the trouble of flipping the object and scanning the undersides of the feet.”

Group B – Semifinal Winners

Olahaldor representing Norway

“This model nicely shows how photogrammetry can be used to created 3D models from buildings.

The cropping almost suggests is could be a building block that can be used to create a realistic environment for a game of VR simulation.

Actually, looking at this model in VR could be great if the VR scale and starting position is set correctly in the Sketchfab settings.”

Polarathene – representing Kazakhstan

“Normally statues is the first thing people think to scan, therefore the examples of well scanned statues are a little rare.

This is however a very well made scan of a very detailed statue. The intricate swirls and ridges of the statue are really well reflected in the mesh of the scan, and with the textures it’s pushed over the top.

Even more amazing to hear this captured with just a smartphone!”

Consolation / semifinalists

Congratulations to UAE (riccardogiorato) with his “Pietro d’Abano” reconstruction, winner of the 50$ Amazon gift card for the consolation round.
All other entries – and all semifinalists who didn’t advance to finals are awarded 3 months of 3DF Zephyr Pro:


The four finalists should have received instructions for their final entry! Good luck!