3Dflow world cup 2018 winners

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The 3Dflow World Cup 2018 has come to a close!

Thank you all for playing! Without further ado, the ranking:

1st place – Nedo – representing Croatia

“This 3D model is a true complete asset that would only need very little post-processing to be used in a 3D environment.

What makes it the winner for me is the attention to detail on the bottom of the chair surface. The mechanics of the chair are all nicely separated and you can even read the contents on the label.”


2nd place – C.Faustino – representing Portugal

“This scene is really well done, the overall coverage is great and there is a cool amount of detail coming through on the building which helps set the scene.”

3rd place – Polarathene representing Kazhakstan

“Super interesting and super detailed subject matter, even more cool that it was captured through glass, and with less ideal angles.

I spent longer than I care to admit zooming in and looking at all the detail.

This is definitely something which more museums should incorporate, to both preserve and to display their collections.

While the model is a bit rougher without the textures, it is still truly a sight to behold! Wonderful work!”


4th place – OlaHaldor representing Norway

“An ambitious capture with some really nice details that are shown off via annotations.”

What now?

Winners will be contacted privately from 3Dflow and Sketchfab so that they can claim their prize! Make sure to join our community so that you can stay updated with news and the next contest! See you soon!