3Dflow World Cup 2019 – Round 1 results

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The first round of the 3Dflow world cup contest has ended!

We want to thank all of contestants for their effort and for the fantastic contest that has been made so far! The judges had a really difficult time picking the eight winners that have advanced to the final round!

So, without further ado, the winners of the first round:

Group A

Robot figure 2
Ukraine – Vitalii Uspalenko

“The level of detail reached both in geometry and texture is simply astonishing! The player was able to capture every little feature of the armor and the weapons, obtaining a tidy and colourful model.”

Smokehouse from drone
Poland – Seweryn

“What I appreciate the most of this smokehouse is the geometry: the details of the rocks and the bricks are evident! Besides, it’s not an easy subject due to its many shadowy parts.”



Group B

“This model is striking for its clarity and accuracy. The texture is so crisp and the player has successfully captured all the nooks and crannies in the statue’s wavy hair.”

Wood Elephante
Engiarcad – Portugal

“The integrity of the mesh on this one is excellent and the player did a great job capturing the details of the shape.”


Group C

teschio di ippopotamo
DiegoCurri – South Africa

“Incredible detail and great color texture in the skull!  Crevices and cracks in these subjects are normally very difficult to capture but he was able to fine tune all these details and complete every part of it.
Geometry mesh seems very tight”

Eremo di San Michele Arcangelo
Marco Vanetti – Mongolia

“In terms of technical skill it is very impressive in scale. He was able to capture a lot of detail even in a large landscape survey. The mix of architecture and landscape modeling is beautiful. Also impressed with the amount of detailing within the windows and door of the building”



Group D

Dundee, The McManus
DanMuirhead3D – Scotland

“Even if not a mesh, the 3D point cloud is really accurate and complete. There are not so many sparse points and the points of interest are a really valuable information, denoting that a deep work was done. I also appreciated the detailed document that explain the work.”

two triangular arrowheads
Fastlearner – Israel

“The mesh is clean, the details of the two objects are really accurate considering also the small dimension of the two artefacts. The model is clear and well presented, no unconnected triangles are visible, the texture is of good quality”


Special mentions

Having to pick only two players per group was super hard for the judges – so we decided to augment all prizes from the 4th position, as well as added a few extra prizes for those who didn’t advance to the final stage.

Special mentions (winners of 6 months of 3DF Zephyr Pro licenses) :

Niels (Finland), Diasozo (Holy See), bryndefly (New Zealand) , crotalo (Australia), Charlie Horse (Samoa)

Everyone else who have submitted their entry also wins 3 months of 3DF Zephyr Pro!

To claim your prize, please reach out before 30.09.19 at support@3dflow.net with the email address you used to sign up to the world cup.