3Dflow World Cup 2020 – Round 1 results

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With the hot summer slowly coming to an end, It’s time to announce the winners of the Round 1 of the 3Dflow World Cup 2020 edition! This year the first round was interesting as most people stuck with the default 50MB sketchfab limit, making the competition even harder!

Before we do, we’d like thank everyone for playing! We enjoyed looking at all the 3D models you’ve created and we can’t wait to see what the final submissions will be! It’s always difficult for the judges to pick who advances and we hope you had fun, regardless of your placement!

So without further ado, lets see who advanced to the final round!


This contestant abandoned the competition and renounced their prize. The model used to be embedded here however the user requested that upon him abandoning the competition, the embed be removed.


Retired – representing Scotland

"This model displays a huge work from this player, which managed to extract a great amount of details in a scenario with poor light conditions. It really seems like you’re walking in the underpass! It’d be perfect for a virtual reality environment."

Used dartboard

Geksaedr – representing Denmark

"Despite the low-poly model, the player was able to recollect all those thin metal wires that can represent a big challenge when it comes to photogrammetric reconstruction. Overall, the mesh geometry is clean and the texture captures the dartboard’s signs of time that add realism to the model. Kudos!"


Birds & roses

BoGGy97 – representing Belarus

"Great detail and technique, especially getting all those rose stems and not having them all turn into one blobby mess!"

Photogrammetry of Brontosaurus Spine

Charlie Horse – representing Samoa

"Great looking scan, ideal flat color and good use of normal maps to bring detail to low poly model!"


Six hole flute

fre3Darchi – representing France

"This model was well photographed (including underside) and had good coverage. Texture was well lit and good geometry!"


spavin65 – representing Italy

"Thoroughly documented and reconstructed model with well exposed and well lit texture."


Kerosene Lamp

Vitalii Uspalenko – representing Ukraine

"This is a wonderful scan, with all the little details captured with little or no distortion, clearly the work of someone who both knows their way around a camera but also the software. It is a very difficult subject and has depth of field focus issues for such a small object, so getting the geometry and textures sharp is quite a feat. Clearly the best submission."

Small wooden bench

matobug – representing Argentina

"What i was looking for in a simple object was good alignment of the surface and sharp textures, the submission even was able to get textures on the bottom of surfaces. Very thorough with an excellent eye for coverage."

So what now?

If you are one of the eight finalists, make sure to send your photos and zep to support@3dflow.net for validation – in the meantime, you can already start creating your next project and submissions for the finals will be open to you from tomorrow until September 16th.

If you are not one of the finalists, we thank you for being a part of this years’ edition: we hope you had fun and we hope we will see you again for the next contest!