3Dflow World Cup 2021 – Round 1 results

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The first round of the 3Dflow world cup contest has ended!

As usual a big round of applause and thank you to all contestants! So, without further ado, lets take a look at the eight players that advance to the final stage, each with a judge’s comment as in tradition!

Group A

Ladies watch on a Eurocent coin

jupp2000 – representing Monaco

"All jupp2000’s objects are nice, but this watch is the most technically advanced in terms of its size. Details such as the inscriptions on the front plate have been reproduced. Very Cool!!! Definitely an extra point deserved here!"

Smith Knife

Fastlearner – representing Thailand

"Small objects are always difficult to recreate, except for a few imperfections the “smith knife” model is looking very good. Nice details!"

Group B

50 Years of the First Manned Space Flight – Coin

Geksaedr – representing Poland

"There’s a lot of work behind this 3D model despite its little dimension! Macro photogrammetry can be challenging, yet he managed to retrieve so many details for texture and geometry, and overall the mesh is very clean. Great job!"

Kids on fence statue

Vitalii Uspalenko – representing Ukraine

"I chose this 3D model from his other ones due to its pretty shiny (hence tough) surface. Besides, the skillful usage of the editing tools and filters inside 3DF Zephyr led to a very detailed and accurate mesh. Kudos!"

Group C

Old St. Rose of Lima Church & Cemetery

ParkerHill – representing Venezuela

"By far my favourite entry in this round. It is clear that a lot of work went into capturing this scene, with great coverage (e.g. the top of the ruined walls) and crisp texture outputs (e.g. legible text on the gravestones). The mesh is quite heavy but this allows for some nice details to be included in the mesh. The annotated tour on Sketchfab also shows off some of the nice details"

Günther the Gnome

ChemicalArtist – representing Germany

"A nice 'complete' scan (I am a big fan of manifold meshes!). The model could have been optimized to use image textures instead of vertex coloring but the final result is still satisfying and not too heavy a file"

Group D

Parasol mushroom WIP

Seweryn – representing San Marino

"Originality and creativity of the subject, plus the quality of the model and the texture, especially of the blades. Intrinsic difficulties of the object due to its dimensions. This is what I call wow effect!"

Futagozuka ancient tomb

OTEMAE – representing Japan

"It’s impressive how, by using only a handheld camera, the rebuild of the model is so complete and accurate, considering that the area is 15×15 m, so not so small. It’s a complex model with different materials and different geometries (from the objects such as rocks, trunks, terrain), and a complexity that moves from the outdoor up to the indoor part of the tomb!"