3Dflow World Cup 2022 – Final results!

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The final round of the 3Dflow world cup contest has ended!

As usual a big round of applause and thank you to all contestants! So, without further ado, lets see the final ranking! This year grand prize is a Evo Nano+ premium bundle sponsored by 3Dflow (in addition to a 12 months 3DF Zephyr license) and a 12 months Nira Business subscription, sponsored by Nira!

A big “Thank you!” to everyone who played! See you soon for another contest! Keep creating with 3DF Zephyr!

1st Place

Adventurous Dogs Adventurous Dogs (PhotoG Guy) – The Neighborhood

2nd Place

Honorable Eagles Honorable Eagles (ProyectoSCAN) – Casa Museo Monte Sinai

3rd Place

Industrious Pandas (Wekedoo) Industrious Pandas (Wekedoo) – Gymes Castle Ruins

Runners Up

Yummy Chickens (Jupp2000) Yummy Chickens (Jupp2000) – Picnic Time!

Adventurous Cows Adventurous Cows (Zygomir) – Eva

Brave Foxes Brave Foxes (ryutosakura) – Oceanus Mosaic In The Roman Palace Villa of Bad Kreuznach

Hungry Hippos Hungry Hippos (ChemicalArtist) – Günther in Danger!

Questionable Owls Questionable Owls (3XH6R) – Lexus RX300 Vehicle