Photogrammetry for 3D printing and manufacturing


Take advantage of a scalable 3D reconstruction pipeline to reduce the moulding process time


The versatile software solution to meet your needs

From automotive to furniture fields, with 3DF Zephyr you can easily extract all kinds of 3D models ready to be 3D printed



Accurate Models

Our proprietary technology has been 100% developed in house and is the result of years of research and development, which now offers unique levels of detail and accuracy.

Comprehensive Documentation

Our manual, tutorials and videotutorials cover every aspect of 3DF Zephyr, from the base workflow to every advanced tool available. Learning photogrammetry has never been easier with our free learning resources!

Releated Features

  • Photoconsistenct meshes
  • Export all formats
  • Editing tools
  • Advanced mesh filters