Photogrammetry for engineering


Support the engineering design process by making quality and accuracy assessments


Boost your feasibility studies with BIM integration

Bridge your BIM modelling workflow with photogrammetry using the advanced 3DF Zephyr tools such as CAD drawing, DXF import, GEOBIM Revit plugin, and more




Our customers are professionals in various sectors, and 3DF Zephyr has demonstrated time and time again its reliability in the most different use cases: while our technology is general purpose and can be used to reconstruct any subject, we offer general purpose tools as well as tools that are tailored for specific professional needs.

Stellar Support

Whenever you have any question, you can reach our support team via our online ticketing system, email, forum or even via our discord chat. Our friendly support team will get back to you very quickly!

Releated Features

  • Photoconsistenct meshes
  • Revit Integration
  • Accurate Measurement Tools
  • Area and Volume Calculation