A sneak peek at 3DF Zephyr 1.10

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A sneak peek to the new version features:

  • Workspace merging: you’ll be able to merge different .zep files into one common workspace
  • Masking Tool: an easy to use masking tool that will help you mask out unwanted details/noise from problematic input pictures (e.g. reflective surfaces)
  • Improved workspace: improved the quality of the preview in the 3DF Zephyr editor and improved the ortophoto generation quality
  • Improved loading speed: specific improvements have been made in order to speed up the loading process of .zep files
  • Lots of small improvements and minor bugfixes: as usual, thank you all for your feedback!

Version 1.10 is scheduled to be released later this month: a beta version will be made available in the next few days!