FlowEngine – empowering your photogrammetry workflow

You may only use FlowEngine Free for personal and non commercial usage.

The non-personal / commercial pricing model for FlowEngine is not fixed but rather discussed on a case-by-case scenario.

Non profit & research
from € 1,-
must be discussed
non profit/research organizations only
full features available
Per/seat redistribution
from € 1.400,-
per seat
commercial license
full features available
Internal server
from € 7.500,-
per server, per year
no external access
full features available
subject to discussion
per server, per year
commercial license
full features available

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Non profit licensing is reserved only to already established, proved and reliable non profit organizations.

Per seat redistribution is for those companies that would like to add photogrammetry reconstruction to an existing software that will be installed on their customer’s workstation

Internal server is for those companies that do research/development internally and are not going to use FlowEngine as part of a product but rather for their internal workflow pipeline

Server/Cloud is for those companies that would like to offer 3D reconstruction services, either via a client (i.e. desktop application or mobile device) that relies on an online workflow