Ground sampling distance calculator

Ground sample distance can be calculated with the following tool. Simply fill in the form below and the result will be updated in real time.

Image width (pixels):
Image height (pixels):
Focal lenght (mm):
Sensor width (mm):
Distance (d) in meters:

GSD (cm/pixel):
Dw (m):
Dh (m):

Ground sample distance legend

Image width:the image width in pixels.
Image height:the image height in pixels.
Focal lenght (F):the focal lenght of the camera in mm
Sensor width (Sw):The sensor width of the camera in mm
Distance (d):The distance of the camera from the ground (i.e. the flight height)
GSD:The ground sample distance in centimeters/pixels
Dw:Single image footprint on the ground, width expressed in meters
Dh:Single image footprint on the ground, height expressed in meters