This page is for old 3DF Zephyr versions only.

These plugins will not work with 3DF Zephyr 5.0 or above..

3DF Zephyr offers support to some native laser scanning file formats. This feature is optional and requires an additional download for each of this native laser scanning file formats. All you have to do is download and install the desired file format library and restart Zephyr.

FARO file format support (.fls, .fws)



Some Windows installations may not register the Faro plugin correctly. If this happens, as a workaround, you can register the DLL manually by typing

cd C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_faro.ls_1d23f5635ba800ab_1.1.703.1_none_3591b17b356ae3ff followed by enter
regsvr32 iqopen.dll followed by enter

In a command prompt. Make sure to run the command prompt as an administrator (Right click -> Run as Administrator).

For more information, please contact support at

RIEGL file format support (.rdbx)

Z+F file format support (.zfs)

Dot product file format support (.dp)