The Black Friday madness is back for 2019!

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It’s Black Friday 2019 madness!

Don’t miss this time limited offer while it lasts!

From now to Cyber Monday December 2nd 2019, Zephyr Aerial can be yours at an incredible price!

Make sure to read the terms & conditions below!

Get your 3DF Zephyr Aerial 3 months license for 199€ +VAT only!

This Black Friday license will stop working after February 29th 2020.

This is not a subscription! No hidden fees, no worries about recurring plans and of course you can keep your generated Zep files forever – keep in mind you can also open your zep files with 3DF Zephyr Free or 3DF Zephyr Lite after the license expires!

Deal? Deal! Click the links below to purchase your 3DF Zephyr license or read the FAQs below!

Offer has ended!

Frequently asked questions

Q: I asked last year, but i have to ask again, are you switching to rentware?
A: Absolutely not! Although we might add additional licensing options in the future, this is not the case. This offer is to give a chance to everybody to get an extensive trial period for our flagship product 3DF Zephyr Aerial. We are offering a non transferable, fully featured commercial license that will stop working after February 28th, 2020 at a heavily discounted price. This is not a subscription plan: after February 29th, 2020, this license will stop working and there will be no chance to buy additional months. If you like 3DF Zephyr after this extremely long – albeit paid – trial, you will have to buy the retail version at its original price.

Q: What happens on March, 1st, 2020 to my 3DF Zephyr Aerial (black friday) license ?
A: your license will automatically be deactivated. You will still be able to open your generated .zep file with any other 3DF Zephyr version.

Q: Can I renew my 3DF Zephyr Aerial (black friday) license ?
A: Unfortunately you will not be able to renew it, sorry!

Q: Are these licenses transferable/can i resell them ?
A: No. Transfer and resale is – as usual – explicitly forbidden.

Q: Other terms i need to keep in mind?
A: this offer is strictly online. You will need to pay online while the offer is valid in order to get the special price!