Training workshop in English language (2019)

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Join us for our first photogrammetry & 3D scanning training course in English language here in Verona (Italy), next September 30th, October 1st and October 2nd!

Learn photogrammetry with 3DF Zephyr: this course will tackle everything from photography for photogrammetry (basic and advanced shooting techniques) to data processing with 3DF Zephyr, on both photogrammetry-only workflows and a external-data oriented workflows (e.g. laser scanners).

Theory and practice on the software will be paired with an actual test-acquisition here in beautiful Verona, a world-famous history-rich cities in Italy and home of 3Dflow 🙂

Where: Verona, Italy – the workshop will take place in the conference room of the beautiful four stars Hotel Giberti for the full duration of the course (3 days, ~24 hours of workshop)

When: 30th September 2019, 1st October 2019, 2nd October 2019

Language: English

Workshop Cost: 350€ + VAT per person for the full duration of the 3 days workshop (lunch included)

Venue: the workshop will take at a conference room at the Hotel Giberti ( ), very close to the train station

Required devices: you will need to bring your own laptop capable of running 3DF Zephyr. It is advised to also bring a digital camera if possible. You will also get a 90 days 3DF Zephyr Aerial license key at the venue.

Accommodation: Verona is a very culture rich and famous tourist location in Italy so there are plenty of hotels to choose from. The workshop fee does not cover travel nor accommodation. You are free to choose your best option: we have a package deal with Hotel Giberti for 3 nights at ~300€ + VAT ( ~100€ + VAT per night, so if you wish you can stay one extra night before/after ). You will need to make your own reservations, however we will provide instructions on how to get the discount deal once you have confirmed your attendance.

How to get to Verona: Verona’s airport ( ) while small, is well connected to many European and non European cities. Otherwise, you can land in a nearby larger airport (e.g. Milan or Venice) and easily get to Verona by train. The workshop hotel is very close to Verona’s train station.

VISA details: If you are not exempt from a VISA requirement to enter Italy, you can visit to check the documentation you need. If you need a VISA, you will likely need confirmation from the hotel and a document from us stating that you are indeed enrolled in the course (or you can simply select a tourist visa in case you wish to extend your stay to visit Italy). Let us know if there is any information we can help you with.

Workshop Topics:

1. Photography for photogrammetry
  • Setting up the camera
  • Evaluating the subject
  • Evaluating the environment
  • Acquisition techniques
  • Metadata
2. 3DF Zephyr introduction
  • General rules and tips
  • Camera intrinsics and extrinsic
  • Scale
3. 3DF Zephyr basics
  • UI and base workflow
  • Quality index & confidence
  • SfM phase details
  • MvS phase details
  • Meshing phase details
  • Texturing phase details
4. Advanced 3DF Zephyr workflows
  • Working with 3DF Masquerade
  • Advanced settings
  • Geographic Reference Systems
  • Editing and cleaning point clouds
  • Mesh cleaning and filtering
  • Integrating laser scanner data
  • Multispectral data management
5. Measuring and georeferencing
  • Importing coordinates
  • Control points & bundle adjustment
  • Measuring and verifying your data
  • GSD
6. Additional processing
  • Orthophoto workflow
  • Contour lines, tracks & sections
  • DEM, DTM, elevation profiles
  • NDVI index generation / multiband composition
  • CAD drawing / blueprints
  • Interoperability notes (import & export)
A test acquisition will be made on-site in Verona, possibly with additional devices (laserscanner and/or drone – acquisition type and subject may vary depending on weather and availability). Processing may be done using the acquired data, although due to time constraints most exercises will be done using pre/processed .zep files.

You will be working with 3Dflow’s staff and there will be plenty of chances to discuss with us about past, present and future developments of 3DF Zephyr as well as to discuss your own datasets and workflows. We’re very excited to have you here!

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You can proceed with payment via fastspring – you will receive an automated electronic receipt after payment and that means that your spot has been reserved and you can proceed with any other arrangements for your travel. The following link is for the workshop reservation – you will need to book travel and accomodation separately.
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