Win 3DF Zephyr – the postcard challenge

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Introducing the non-competitive “Send a postcard” challenge!

Everyday we see wonderful 3D reconstructions made with 3DF Zephyr from all over the world – and that never ceases to amaze us!

Today we are happy to announce a 12 months-long, non competitive challenge – the grand prize is a 12 months 3DF Zephyr Aerial license (and more prizes to be announced).

Want to enter? Simply send us a postcard, it’s that easy! Find the full rules below!

  • What are the prizes?

All postcards sent from November, 1th, 2018 to November 1th, 2019 will be entered into the challenge – a random drawing will ensure a lucky winner a free 12 months 3DF Zephyr Aerial license.

During the contest duration (2018.11.01 to 2019.11.01) 3Dflow may assign other prizes at arbitrarily chosen time intervals. Winning these other prizes will not exclude you from the grand prize drawing.

We’re doing this for fun – don’t read too much into it 🙂

  • How do I enter?

In order to enter the challenge, simply send us a postcard at our office:

3Dflow SRL c/o Computer Science Park,
Strada le Grazie 15, Verona
37134 – ITALY

Make sure to say hello (any message will do!) and write clearly your contact information ( your email address is mandatory, but feel free to add other info, e.g. your Discord username, to ensure that we’ll be able to identify you). Make sure to send the postcards before November 1th, 2019  – while the date of the postmark will be used to validate postcards, all postcards received after the drawing will obviously be discarded 🙂

(Maybe take a picture for your reference, in case we’re unable to identify you 😉 )

Please note the postcard must be safe for work or it will be discarded!

  • So when will you draw the winner?

We will later announce the drawing date and time. Hopefully we’ll also stream it. We don’t know. We’ll see!

  • How many postcards can I send?

You can send as many postcards as you like, but please keep in mind this is a fun challenge, so try not to flood our office just to have more chances! Only one entry per person will be considered when assigning prizes.

  • Is there an official hashtag in case i want to share it on my social network accounts ?

Sure! Lets use #3dflowpostcards !