3DF Zephyr Pro v.1.012

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3DF Zephyr Pro v1.012 We’re please to announce the release of the new 3DF Zephyr Pro stable version.

We thank our beta testers for their continued effort in helping us improving 3DF Zephyr Pro!

You can join the beta test program and newsletter by following this link.

Changelog v.1.012

+ New simple preset menu
+ New Dense point cloud optmization procedure (cleaner results)
+ Now supporting ‘Approximate grid’ photo ordering. This is useful for uav / aerial mapping.
+ Added points selection and removal tools for points and triangles
+ Better RAM managment during structure from motion phase
+ Speed improvements during the final phase of sfm
+ Temporary directory can now be specified from options
+ Tool menu and export menu rearranged
+ Selected camera is now highlighted in the bottom bar
+ Las and E57 file support
+ Context menu (right click) added for the navigation bar