3DF Zephyr Pro v1.400

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pointcloudintro3DF Zephyr Pro v 1.400 has been released!

Lots of new core upgrades in this new stable release (better MVS computation as well as better performance overall, and much more), as well some new interesting tools (such as the polygonal selection tool and the point cloud alignment and coloring revamped too – check the tutorial here!)

Below, the full changelog of this update since v1.100:

+ Improved Stereo computation. Generated point clouds are more dense and with less noise.
+ Improved memory efficiency during stereo voting phase
+ Improved orthophoto and orthomosaic generation procedures
+ Improved speed for neighbor search during SfM
+ Improved speed for mesh and orthophoto coloring
+ Improved picking
+ Added sketchfab support
+ Added poligon selection tool for points removal
+ Added point cloud decimation
+ Points can now be removed also from the Sparse point cloud
+ New procedure for external point cloud alignement and coloring
+ New orthophoto and orthomosaic wizard. You can now choose an axis and set the limits numerically.
+ It is now possible to import constraints during the project wizard
+ Fixed a bug in the recent files dialog
+ Fixed a bug during MVS computation (improved results)
+ Fixed a rare bug when importing movies
+ Now supporting special characters when saving and loading
+ tons of stability fixes and performance improvements!

As usual, we’d like to send a big “thank you” to all our betatesters! Keep the feedback coming in also with the stable release!