3DF Zephyr v1.100

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3DF Masquerade with silhouetter
3DF Masquerade, Zephyr’s masking tool
The newest version is now ready for download!

Please keep the feedback coming in! Feel free to contact us by email or on ourforums as much as you need, we really appreciate your help in improving 3DF Zephyr.


  • Workspace merging: it is now possible to merge .zep files into one common workspace (tutorial here)
  • 3DF Masquerade: an easy to use masking tool that will help you mask out unwanted background details. It should be especially used when background and foreground are not consistent (e.g. when using a turntable). 3DF Masquerade also features a semi-automatic silhouetter tool (tutorial here)
  • Improved workspace: improved the quality of the preview in the 3DF Zephyr editor and improved the ortophoto generation quality
  • Improved loading speed: specific improvements have been made in order to speed up the loading process of .zep files
  • Lots of small improvements and minor bugfixes: as usual, thank you all for your feedback!