A Pandoro cut horizontally, often served with eggnog

The 3Dflow Academy Pandoro Contest

The Pandoro is a famous Italian sweet yeast bread typical of the December Holiday Season: its origin are centuries old and, you guessed it, it’s a typical sweet from Verona, the city where 3Dflow is based.

The “Win 3DF Zephyr 2017” has been very well received and sparked very interesting conversations in our 3Dflow Academy Facebook Group: food is a popular photogrammetry subject, so why not make it a little interesting?

The rules: reconstruct something typical of the December Holiday Season using 3DF Zephyr. Share it (via YouTube, Sketchfab, etc) in our 3Dflow Academy Facebook Group to win before December 17th 2017. Our staff will pick the best three reconstructions.

The prize: the three winners will get a full retail Pandoro delivered to their home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why a Pandoro and not a Panettone?

A: the Pandoro is Typical from Verona, and is a much superior product than the Panettone.

Q: Sure, but why a contest?

A: It’s fun 🙂

Q: What if I live in a country where mailing food is a problem?

A: Hopefully we can find a way to mail the Pandoro to you regardless of your location. Please check your country regulations before entering the contest, as there is a small chance you won’t be able to receive it 🙁

Q: I think the Panettone is better

A: you’re wrong