It’s time for the 3DF Zephyr 6.0 Beta test!

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3DF Zephyr 6.0, codename Eggplant, has reached its beta stage! The beta version is officially available for all users who want to try all the upcoming features!

As always, beta testing is a crucial moment during the development process of the stable version (which we hope to launch in the next few weeks) and, as you already know, we need your help to test the software out with real-world datasets and find potential bugs we can fix before launching the new release.

Are you interested in beta testing? Great! Read below how to get your beta key!

What’s new in the beta?

In Eggplant, we have added a lot of major optimizations in terms of speed and technology, as well as more features to further improve your workflow within the software, both for 3DF Zephyr and 3DF Scarlet.
If you missed it, we have covered some of the most significant updates in this article, while our Development Status includes the up to date (yet not definitive) report of the features.

The current beta includes all of these improvements and, while it is not representative of the final product, many of these new features/improvements are ready for testing by end-users.
Please note that the manuals and the translations of the different languages currently may not be completely up to date.

How can I get the beta?

If you want to go ahead and become a beta tester, you can already request access using the form below. We will then manually send you an invitation code that you can redeem once logged into your 3Dflow account page to get your beta key and download the beta installer. Besides, any beta participant can also generate up to three invitation codes from their account page.

Again, please be aware that the beta version does not correspond to the final product and may contain bugs which could potentially make you lose your work – do not use this in production environments!

Please note that beta keys from previous beta events are no longer valid, and you will need to generate a new one.

Note: please make sure to accept the “privacy policy”. If you are using an Ad-blocker you may not see that field.

Application to the beta are currently closed

But don’t worry! You can still get access to the beta testing by joining our Discord server.

We would very much appreciate you making part of our Community! Our Discord server is the perfect place to talk directly with the 3Dflow team and other Zephyr users in a friendly environment 🥰

See you there!