Photogrammetry for agriculture


Collect multispectral images to inspect your farm fields


Improve your productivity while keeping it monitored

Leverage your data in order to get vegetation index maps and instantly check the development of your field



Complete Package

3DF Zephyr is the complete photogrammetry software suite, which allows you to generate your final product directly in 3DF Zephyr without the need to switch between a lot of different software packages for the most common desired output. Regardless, 3DF Zephyr is very interoperable, with a lot of import and export features.

User Friendly Interface

3DF Zephyr is very easy to use, wheter you are new to photogrammetry or an experienced user. We listen to our customers feedback continuously and our fast development cycle allows us to improve the user experience at every new release

Releated Features

  • True Orthophoto
  • Multiband images Supported
  • Customizable vegetation Indexes
  • DTM, DSM Tools & Viewer